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Lösungen zum Formstoffmanagement

Water dosage requirements for the complete used sand treatment

Batch cooling – optimized cooling for used sand

Genius Cooler – The underestimated genius in sand conditioning

Our data sheets

Cooling of the furan sand under the shake-out grid

The mixer as used sand weighing device

air_control – Measuring the exhaust airflow from the cooler

Water dosing for fluid-bed cooler

akwaplus_cool – Water dosing for flow-through cooler

akwaplus_mix Water dosing for mixer

cool_mix – Control for batchcooler

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Dosing and mixer control system

dust_control Measuring the quantity of dust in the exhaust air from the cooler

DView_Analyse – Statistical process control

Form_Reg – Retrospective menu-driven control

Form_Reg – Preventive menu-driven control

Moulding sand – control and inspection

Energy management – energy_control

Inspection management system – inspection_control

Form_Reg_Reaktiv – The continuous cast-related recipe control in a continuous flow of used sand after the cooler