Statistical process control

Statistical process control consists of statistical (mathematical) tools with which you can quickly and easily assess the quality of a production process.

Operating data are continuously recorded during the running process. These data also allow a very precise insight into the production process afterwards.

The problem with this data collection is the large amount of data collected, the proverbial forest for the trees. This is where statistical process control starts. It defines and determines key figures that summarise the flood of data in a meaningful way.

The data used by the statistical process control comes from the production data acquisition. This is either part of the DView visualisation system or runs as an independent program on a suitable computer.

The data is stored in a database which DView_Analyse can access from your entire network.

Basically DView_Analyse can operate on any computer that is connected to the production data acquisition via network.

That means in the simplest case that DView_Analyse operates directly on the computer on which DView works, i.e. directly in the production.

However, DView_Analyse can also be installed in the office or in a control room, provided a network is available.