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Dosier- und Automationstechnik GmbH

Arminiusstraße 3
38112 Braunschweig

represented by its directors
Christian Ebert and Wolfgang Ernst

Phone: +49 531 26 40 80

VAT ID-No.: DE114882698

Tax code: 14/202/37893

registered in the commercial register at the Municipal Court of Braunschweig
Commercial register number HRB 2925


1.  Content of the online offer
This website contains general information. These are neither intended nor suitable for replacing individual advice by professional persons, taking into account the specific circumstances of each case. We have made an effort of utmost care with its composition. Nevertheless, we cannot accept any liability, regardless of the legal grounds, for its accuracy, timeliness and completeness. For further and individual information you are welcome to contact us. All information and advice on this website is not binding, even in cases where there is a client relationship between the user of this content and datec. Likewise, all further information which are provided beyond a customer relation in writing or orally is non-binding.
An e-mail request or the communication of the password for the customer area of the website does not automatically create a customer relationship nor can this be interpreted as a sign of an existing customer relationship.
The author assumes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information. Liability claims against the author, which refer to damages of material or immaterial nature caused by use or disuse of the presented information or through the use of faulty and incomplete information are fundamentally excluded, provided that the author is no demonstrably intentional or grossly negligent fault exists. All offers are non-binding. The author expressly reserves, parts of pages or the entire offer without separate announcement to alter, amend, delete or cease publication temporarily or permanently.

2. References and links
As regards direct or indirect references to external websites ("hyperlinks") which are outside the area of responsibility of the author, liability would only be assumed if the author had knowledge of content and if it was technically possible and feasible to prevent their use in case of illegal content.
The author hereby explicitly states that, at the time of setting the link, there was no evidence of illegal content on the respective web site. On the topical and future creation, the contents or the authorship of the linked/tied up sides the author has no influence. As a result, it expressly distances itself from any and all contents of the linked and/or referred to pages which have changed after the links have been set. This ascertainment is valid for all links and references published within our own internet presentation as well as links and references that are published by third parties in guest books, discussion forums, link lists, mailing lists and all other forms of databases which can be filled with content by external write access. The operator of the referenced website is solely responsible for illegal, faulty, or incomplete contents, and especially for damages resulting from the use or disuse of information presented in this way, and not the party that simply refers to the according publication through links.

3. Applicability of the broadcasting international treaty (RStV)
This Interstate Treaty shall apply to the offer and use of information and communication services (media services) directed to the general public in the form of text, sound or image broadcast using electromagnetic waves without junction lines or by means of a conductor.
As a content provider we are responsible for the content that can be utilized according to §55 RStV. Our own contents are to be distinguished from cross references ("LINKS") to contents provided by other suppliers. With the use of the term "foreign contents (fremde Inhalte)" we warn of external contents.

4. Copyright and Trademark Rights
The author aims to observe the copyright of any graphic, audio document, video sequence or text in all publications, to use his/her own graphics, audio documents, video sequences or texts or to make use of license free graphics, audio documents, video sequences or texts. All trade and brand marks that appear in the author's Internet content and are protected by third parties are subject in full to the terms of the relevant copyright law and the right of ownership as applied to the registered owner in each case. It is not to be assumed that because a brand name is mentioned, it is not legally protected by a third party!
The copyright for objects published, created by the author himself, remains solely with the author of those pages. Any reproduction or use of such graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permissible without the express permission of the author.

5. Communication via email may not always be secure. For example, experienced Internet users can intercept and read emails during transmission to our server. If we receive an email from you, we will assume that we are able to reply by email. Otherwise you must explicitly refer to another kind of communication.

6. Data protection
If the opportunity for the input of personal or business data (email addresses, name and addresses) is given, the input of these data takes place voluntarily. The use of and payment for all services offered is permitted - if technically possible and reasonable - without specification of such data or under specification of anonymized data or an alias. The use in the context of the imprint or comparable data published postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses for marketing purposes of not expressly requested information is not allowed. The author expressly reserves the right to take legal action against the senders of so called spam mails in case of breaches of this prohibition.
During the use of this website, only statistical data about visits to this website is recorded and stored without any concrete personal reference (number of viewed pages per day and week, hit list of the viewed pages, hit list of the clicked links to external pages). This occurs in accordance with the valid laws governing data protection and for purely internal purposes.
Access to our full Newsletter which periodically informs users about changes relating to our Website is granted in the form of an e-Mail subscription service, for which the electronic saving of the users email address is required. The storage of the data takes only place throughout the period in which you would like to use this service. Should a user unsubscribe our newsletter, the email address is automatically deleted and under no circumstances shall be passed on to third parties.
If notwithstanding the described level of anonymity you do not consent to the statistical collection, storage and/or evaluation of data you have the right to object to such use of your data. We recommend the sending of the contradiction to the responsible person in the sense of the press law (see above). The right to use this website is not affected.
All persons named on this website hereby contradict to any commercial use and disclosure of your data (see § 28 BDSG).
The owners of this website are not responsible for and cannot be held liable for the compliance of other websites with privacy regulations, be they linked-to or referred to in any other way.

7. Legal validity of this disclaimer
If parts or single formulations of this text, should correspond no more or not completely to the valid legal situation, the remaining parts of the document in your contents and validity of it remain untouched.