Mixer control

Unlock the full potential of your mixer

Temperature-resistant process

Correct addition of moisture to cold and warm sands

Time-efficient process

No delays inside the mixer

Data gathering via the ethernet

Comprehensive logging of the measurement data


Mixer control


A constant quality of sand with narrow limits of tolerance is reliable for the moulding plant to produce. An exact reproducible dosage of all components with freely adjustable recipe specification in narrow tolerances is a necessary condition.
Sufficient supply of sand in the moulding plant, which should never have a standstill due to lack of sand, is an urgent need. Each moulding plant can have its own recipe and those sands must not mix at the transportation.


Regardless of the mixer type and batch size, the basis for a reproducible sand quality is the highest exactness at the weighing of the components for avoiding the insidious drift in the sand composition.
Integrated is a moisture measurement with a water dosing which additionaly bind the RTC Rotocontrol 107 (Sandcontrol system) for the measurement of the compressibility and the compression strength. The addition of water and the dosage of the binder were influenced by the measurement of the sand quality value.


An independent control, removed from the rest of the sand preperation, is able to take this task seperately. The scope of supply can contain a power unit as well as a visualisation of the monitored and controlled units. The whole processes are specified in partial pictures and displayed with measured value and control required value. From monitoring of the process up to the collection of temporal sequences, for recording deviations and with it control interruptions, which are in the offing. With it, an early warning system is obtained. In each batch cooler all defined recipes, measured and controller values are recorded. Selected series can be further analyzed with an own analysis tool (Statistical process analysis DView_Analyse). This evaluation can be carried out with received online data or with freely selectable periods of time.


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