Fault analysis

The fault analysis shows which units have caused the most faults with the longest downtimes in a freely selectable period - the last three months, for example. Particularly in multi-shift operation, the "witnessed" overview is no longer given; a secure data situation must be created which is not characterised by subjective memories.

In addition to the indication of the total display of the frequency of the detected faults and their associated downtimes, the individual faults are displayed in detail.

With the automatic fault detection in the control system of a plant, messages are always generated in the display and as text when a fault occurs. These messages are stored, whereby two additional points in time are recorded: message input and acknowledgement of the final completion. The entire data set is stored as a data record in a file, called an archive. This archive forms the basis for fault data analysis.

You can find more information about our fault analysis system EVA here.