Rotocontrol RTC 107

Automatical moulding sand control system RTC 107 - it understands the sand

High moulding sand quality

Improved moulding sand quality meaning reduced losses due to moulding errors

Increased profitability

Increased profitability of the moulding machine due to elimination of downtime caused by substandard moulding sand

Cleaner solution

Less effort expended for cleaning

More efficient measuring processes

Personnel savings in the moulding sand treatment

More detailed documentation

Seamless process tracking by recording all measurement values


Sandprüfsystem Rotocontrol RTC 107


Bentonite-bonded moulding material is to be processed for the moulding facilities with reproducible, consistent values for the compressibility and mould stability.


Samples are taken from the running mixing process and automatically used to determine compressibility and mould stability. These measured values will then be the parameters for water addition and bentonite dosing.


The moulding sand control system Rotocontrol RTC 107 gathers a sample quantity from the running mixing process. With the automatic measurement of the compressibility, the mould stability and the temperature, the currently needed amount of water is determined and subsequently added. For the bentonite requirements, a formula adjustment takes place. By means of the temperature measurement, the expected evaporation is determined and compensated by adding of water. Furthermore, all relevant data are saved and displayed online. Due to long-term storage, they will be available for future analysis.


The RTC is a Scoval-Fondarc-Product.


More information about the RTC 107

RTC 107 – Moulding sand – control and inspection
RTC 107 – Moulding sand – control and inspection