Modern control systems

As of 01.10.2020 there are no more spare parts available for the Simatic S5. Modernise now!

We offer you the generation change for the control system:

Stay up to datec!

A production standstill due to control system failure becomes expensive. From 01.10.2020, spare parts for the Simatic S5 will no longer be available. In addition, programmers will lose the know-how for this outdated technology.

You are on the safe side, if your plant corresponds to the current technical status - this is what we want to achieve together with you!


A generation change for the control system is not only necessary, but also offers you advantages. We therefore do not see a retrofit as a tire change on a car and not as an exchange of "old S5 for new S7". Instead, we offer you the chance to improve your system. For this you need a concept and a professional partner with whom you can develop and implement it: datec.

For the SIMATIC S5 system, the product life cycle ends on 30.09.2020. From 01.10.2020, no spare parts are available and no repairs are possible.

Siemens recommends modernisation.

We recommend the Simatic S7-1500 series, which offers you the latest technology and best investment protection. On request we can also supply you with S7-400, S7-300 or Allen Bradley.

We offer you a centralized visualisation. This way you have your entire plant in view and under control at all times.

A production data acquisition system allows you a precise insight into your production even years later.

And if there is a problem, we will be at your side via remote maintenance if desired.

In the event of a legal dispute, you as the operator must primarily justify the current safety of your plant. The past conformity to old laws plays only a minor role.

So take the opportunity to update your safety technology to the current state of the art. You are welcome to contact us.

A modern control system can save you money every day. We offer our energy_control for this purpose. This additional program switches off system components when they are not needed.

Energy costs can be saved up to 10 %. And the investment can pay for itself in less than two years.

You can find more information about our modernisation here.