Process and sequence control

Reduced personnel costs

Reproducible results

Integrated solution

The desire for automation is the desire for efficiency. Production should run more efficiently, especially with low personnel costs. But in order to automate a complex process, you need a precise understanding of the process and a holistic, integrated concept.

datec delivers an integrated solution from one source

Sufficiently dimensioned control cabinets with the current safety specifications, designed with the latest technology are a necessary component. Failsafe control systems are today the imperative of modern technology for more flexible design. Electronic contactors for small consumers extend the life span, because no switching contacts wear out.

All circuit diagrams are also provided digitally for the operational electrician on site and therefore the corresponding pages in the circuit diagram can be easily found by search algorithms. This is a relief compared to the handling of heavy file folders with hundreds of pages.

The latest PLC technology such as the S7 1500 from Siemens is integrated in the Ethernet and communicates with decentralized units. This basic structure allows a use for remote maintenance from the office in Braunschweig, in order to be able to provide important assistance very quickly in case of problems.


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