Do not see the change of the PLC from S5 to S7 as a tire change, but as an opportunity to gain unimagined tuning potentials for your plant.

New control - tuning for your sand preparation

In 2002 Siemens announced to end the S5 PLC generation. Siemens guaranteed an availability of spare parts until October 2014/2015. From that moment, spare parts are no longer available in case of a damage of your control. This problem meant an enormous expensive production stop at one of our new customers. By using outdated technology, the expertise of programmers and the compatibility with third-party systems are going to be lost.

You are on the safe side, if your system keep pace with the latest technology developments - That is what we would like to achieve with you!

The upgrade of your control from S5 to S7 is not only necessary, but it offers potentials to increase the productivity of your plant. This potential can be activated in combination with our software solutions and our understanding of manufacturing processes. With the upgrade, you will not only be safer, but you can also increase  efficiency and save energy costs.

With the latest technology and individual software solutions, you will soon be able to benefit from the following features:


Precise and comprehensive overview and control of your production process

Statistical process control for constant improvement:

Precise and comprehensive visual real-time control of all critical success parameters in the production process

• Energy cost savings with energy_control

With the automated shutdown of empty plant components, it is possible to save energy costs of up to 10 %.

• A more easier remote maintenance:

The new S7 control systems allow remote maintenance via Internet as standard. This enables an even more flexible service.

You can read more about our retrofit measures here.