Cooler water dosing

for different types of cooler systems


Learn more about the water dosing for mixing coolers

Moulding material management can involve the targeted addition of water as early as the cooler stage. Using a combination of two moisture measuring points (before the cooler and in the cooler) and a temperature measurement point in the cooler exhaust, an initial dose of water can be measured in.

Fluid-bed cooler

Learn more about the water dosing for fluid-bed coolers

In the cooling process, fluid-bed coolers work according to the same principle as evaporative cooling. Depending on the sifting structure and the various water inlets, the water dosing needs to be adapted.

Shake-out drum

Learn more about the water dosing systems using a shake-out drum

Shake-out drums are sensitive to the excessive addition of water. Nevertheless, to restrict temperature peaks water should be added in the appropriate doses.